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Formance™ panels (also known as SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels), proudly engineered by Method Building Systems, are high performance composite building panels used for floors, walls and roofs in residential and commercial applications.

We're developing an online resource to support with all aspects of designing and building using Formance, and showcasing the exemplary results from New Zealand’s leading builders and architects.

A holistic approach to home building

Formance represents a significant advancement in New Zealand home building methods. Pre-insulated panels are precision cut and locked together to create a weather-tight 'building envelope' around your home. With a seamless 4 – 5 R-rating, your new home will have a much warmer, drier indoors environment.

Fits together with precision

Builders are continually impressed with how simple it is to put up a Formance home. Panels are cut in our factory according to each design, then assembled onsite on a pre-laid footplate. This streamlined process means the building can be sealed from the weather faster, allowing the interior and finishing trades to get on with their jobs sooner.

our standard

Our standard is nothing less than exceptional

Everything you could ask for in a home is part of the standard offer with Formance. Highly insulated, strong, available in New Zealand, and with a smaller environmental footprint than timber framing techniques – it simply makes sense for today’s build. Whatever form your dream home takes, you’re free to design it with Formance.

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