SIP design is now even easier

Your first port of call.

Here are some points to help get you started designing with Formance panels:

  1. Watch our online tutorials in our Online Resources section. on our web page. Main advantages of the panels are outlined there – Bracing, Insulation and Structural span. 
  2. Review our Case Studies to understand more about the process from a builder's and customer's perspective.
  3. Download the easy-to-use Formance Design Guide using the form on this page. 

Do you have a project in mind?

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The Formance Design Guide for SIPs is a breakthrough for the building industry in New Zealand. Certified under the CodeMark scheme,  the Formance Design Guide allows for projects to be designed by licensed designers without a mandatory sign-off by a structural engineer, saving you thousands in engineering fees and making your choice to specify Formance even easier. 

Download the Formance Design Guide Version 2.0.

To get the latest version of the Formance Design Guide, please click the link to download your version today! 

(Note, the previous Formance Design Guide is now not available for downloading, please see the latest & greatest version available for downloading by clicking the link below. If you require the previous version please email [email protected])


Get the Formance Design Guide Version 2.0 here!