Master Builders House of the Year 2016

The speed of construction, coupled with the huge insulative qualities that are achieved with Formance Panels are what convinced Ben and Kylie to use this superior building method. Find out more about Ben and Kylie's project at


MasterBuilder GoldAward

Haven Renovations went on to win a Gold Award at Master Builders House of the Year in 2016 for their work on Ben's House. In the words of Master Builders:

"This Castor Bay beauty is the first home in Auckland to be built with Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). And after word gets out about the finished product, it’s hard to imagine it will be the last."


Formance SIP home at dusk

Ben and Kylie were very interested in the concept of prefabrication as he wanted to step as lightly on the section as possible to maintain the natural beauty of the native forest and stream. His builders told him that it would not be possible to get fully built structures down the driveway and into position but were definitely keen on the idea of prefabrication! Ben approached us with his amazing concepts asking if it was possible - which of course it was! Their unique design features a living pod and a sleeping pod on either sides of the creek, connected by a glass corridor.


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