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We all know that building is complex and that tackling any new build project has a lot of variables and uncertainty. Here at Formance™, we also know that it may seem daunting to tackle all of this in a completely new way, which is why we are here to support you to build your first SIP project and every one after that.

Building your first Formance™ project

We're working with forward-thinking builders around the country to ensure high quality installation of Formance SIP homes right from the first project. If you're aligned with these values, we'd love to have you on board 

  1. No compromises on QUALITY


We're very happy to provide support and training to builders looking to build to a better standard with Formance SIPs. Are you a builder wanting to upgrade and get on board? Contact us to find out how.

Build Time

We supply pre-cut panels according to shop drawings - it's like a big jigsaw puzzle - so SIPs are faster and more accurate so less re-work for you on site. The actual panel erection vs frame erection speed will be about the same, but there is no straightening required (2-4 days depending on the size of the building), and the overall program saving is huge because the internal trades can get into the building and begin their work as soon as the SIPs are standing. They don't have to wait till the cladding is installed. A study made by RS Means in the USA in 2007 is useful to review. This shows a time saving of around 50% when comparing SIPs to site framing.

Our process involves producing shop drawings from which we cut the panels. It means the windows can be ordered to match the openings shown on the shop drawings reducing the wait time for windows to arrive.

We are currently experimenting with pre-assembled panel sections in lengths up to 6m which slash the panel erection time to just a few hours. Panels are delivered to site by HIAB and lifted into place directly from the deck of the HIAB. Our first job supplied in this way resulted in 100 m of wall being installed in 8 hours.

Find out about Pre-assembly

Building with Formance can drastically reduce your labour time onsite. A number of the processes highlighted in the videos to the right can be carried out in a pre-assembly warehouse, undercover and out of the elements. One example shows Formance external and internal walls on a 775m2 school in Christchurch being installed in just 2.5 days.

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Preparing Formance Panels

What needs to happen before you stand Formance Panels

Standing Formance Panels

How to to prepare bottom plate, stand Formance panels and fix to timber plates

Building Formance Lintel

How to efficiently build a timber lintel within Formance panels.  

Preassembled Panel Installation

Next-generation site efficiency when panels are preassembled offsite.