Proven and certified

Formance has CodeMark certification for your peace of mind. CodeMark is a voluntary product certification scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show a building product meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. You can find our certificate on the MBIE website registry.

A Certified and Proven System

All building work in New Zealand must be compliant with the New Zealand Building Code. This is to make sure all buildings are safe, healthy and durable for everyone. Meeting the New Zealand building code is the minumum standard all buildings must meet. Formance™ panels not only meet this code, they exceed it. 


What is CodeMark? 

Product certification (CodeMark) is a voluntary scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show that a building product or system meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

A CodeMark-certified product or construction method must be accepted by any building consent authority as complying with the Building Code, as long as it is used as specified.

Achieving CodeMark is of particular benefit to manufacturers and suppliers of products that are innovative, new to the market or would have serious consequences if they failed.

Check out the DBH website for more information. 

Why CodeMark matters to Formance™

Every building is a significant investment so you want to be certain that you’re working with reputable companies and systems. At Formance™ we have a strong connection to our Automotive roots, ensuring all our systems and processes are robust and repeatable. Quality is evident in both our products and our processes.

A Proven System

When we engineered our SIP panel system, we looked to the well-proven Structural Insulated Panel system used in the USA and Canada for over 40 years.

Thousands of houses have been built with this system throughout North America, Japan, Europe and the UK.  For us, this track record is important.

On top of this proven history, and extensive testing of the product in North America, we have conducted local testing for compliance with New Zealand conditions. This testing including earthquake testing, during which we have proven that the Formance™ panel has more capacity than a concrete floor for withstanding an earthquake - the concrete yielding long before the panel!

Click the link below to find out more about CodeMark.