Take your building projects to the next level


With Formance you have a simpler, precision build with warmer, stronger results. It just ticks all the boxes.

Brent Chatterton
Chatterton Builders

At Formance™, we want to support builders in New Zealand to build warmer, drier, safer and higher performing homes with SIP technology.

Here are just some of the benefits to you as a builder, by coming on this journey with us:

  1. Faster wall erection with very little straightening required, reducing onsite re-work and project cost
  2. Less wall bracing required making a clearer and safer site
  3. The building envelope can be closed in quicker (ideal for winter builds), allowing for internal trade work to be completed, concurrent with the external work
  4. More trades can work in parallel, thereby reducing overall build time 
  5. Less timber required
  6. Less material waste on site to dispose of and therefore reduced skip and waste removal costs
  7. For a standard panel install there are no special tools required
  8. Pre-Assembled Sections can be fabricated offsite and delivered by crane truck (further reducing the onsite install time)
  9. Be proud of joining the movement to build warmer, drier and safer homes that perform well above the building code
  10. This is the way of the future for New Zealand building, you can add another skill to the toolbox and enable a broader range of projects to be undertaken and be really excited about building better, higher performing homes.

The technical information arm of the NAHB Research Center in the US, also says of building with SIP technology “While basic carpentry skills are required, assemblers need not have the skill levels of conventional framing crews, which can further reduce costs to builders.” 

We are excited to help you get on board with SIP technology and will support you with as much information and training as we can! Please read through the site, browse the FAQ section, watch the videos and do get in touch if you have any questions.