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Here are some points to help get you started designing with Formance panels:

  1. Watch our online tutorials in our Online Resources section. on our web page. Main advantages of the panels are outlined there – Bracing, Insulation and Structural span. 
  2. Review our Case Studies to understand more about the process from a builder's and customer's perspective.
  3. Download the easy-to-use Formance Design Guide using the form on this page. 

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Formance Ready is the solution for large developments where mass-customisation of high-performance buildings is required. Taking a truly Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) approach Formance Ready revolutionises the way we think about buildings in NZ.  Certified under the CodeMark scheme,  the Formance Ready Guide allows for projects to be designed by licensed designers without a mandatory sign-off by a structural engineer, saving you thousands in engineering fees and making your choice to specify Formance even easier. 

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Please complete the form below to get your copy of the latest Formance Ready Guide. Completing this form allows us to keep you posted on new releases of the guide and any updates to the system. 


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