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Tips for SIPs

Clean simple designs work best. 

simple designs2

Maximise the opportunity for a healthy indoor environment.

Install a heat recovery ventilation system - using a bypass heat exchanger. 


Use full panels wherever possible, or easy fractions of panels (1/2, 1/3, 1/4).

Work within standard panel heights of 2.44, 2.74, 3.0, 6.1 for most effective use of panels. All panels are 1.22 wide. 

minimise waste2

Minimise the size of heating/cooling units.

Allow for the much greater insulation capabilities of SIPs. 

heating cooling2

Minimise panel cuts. 

minimise panel cuts2

Make use of the boundary joist in the roof panel as a lintel.

Floor to ceiling windows are super easy! 


Use the loft space!

Free extra floor space available - make the most of it! 

use loft space2

Designing with Formance Panels - Details Library 

Review the standard details library, download generic specifications document and make use of specific Checklists to get the job done. 


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Designing with Formance Panels - Tutorial

Learn the basic principles and steps to follow when designing with Formance SIPs

Designing Formance Roof - Tutorial 

Thermal VS Reinforced Formance roof 

Lintels and Overhangs with Formance Panels - Tutorial 

How to best utilise Formance ROOF panels 

Ordering Panel Layout Drawings - Tutorial 

Check list for ordering manufacturing of the Formance panels 


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Roof Detail


Eave Detail


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