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If you have questions, please ask.

Our technical team and experience is second to none, we look forward to working with your design team to see your vision become a reality.

Get in touch with us to discuss anything - your project, our method, your experiences with similar products, specifying Formance SIPs, installing....we would love to hear from you!


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Your Support Team

The most important person when building your new home is you.

Not only do we know this, we truly believe it. We have designed our systems and support team around this. We are totally committed to keeping you informed and supported the whole way, right from the very first time you chat with us. 

Through years of experience, we have seen ways to streamline the building process and truly 'measure twice, cut once', which results in a building envelope with no surprises and very little rework on site. 

To enable the process for your new build with insulated panels, right from the concept stage to go smoothly, we are on hand to support your building partners too. Our dedicated Design Support Team are available to support your designer through the specification stages to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you all. During this process, we will provide suggestions for optimum panel utilisation which enables the most cost-effective structure, and design details that our experience shows will work on your project. We have completed projects throughout New Zealand, ranging from tiny house, family homes, large multi-storey homes and schools, and we would welcome the chance to work on your project with you too!

When you work with Formance you’re working with a team of experts. A dedicated consultant is allocated to your project and is focused on developing a clear understanding of your needs and your project. Our consultants come with a vast knowledge of not only the Formance system but also many complementary building systems and is willing to share this advice with you to get you the best result. We pride ourselves on sharing fact-based, evidence-based, relevant knowledge with you. 

When your design is completed we create an accurate 3D model of your project in panels to verify that everything works for the builder. This ensures a very efficient process on site. We say "1 hour on the drawing board saves 10 hours on site."

An airtight envelope needs precision throughout the process and that’s what we’re about.  The traditional building process relies heavily on the builder to work it out on-site; we make it simple and focus on getting it right the first time. Superior customer services, precision engineering, full support, no surprises and awesome experience - that's what we are striving for, for you.

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