The Formance Cabin Kitset Range

SIP Panel Tiny House NZ 3 v5

When you're looking for more space at home, or on site, a kitset cabin, office or sleepout gives you all the room you need, fast & hassle-free. 

The Formance Kitset Cabin Range is made from Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs, or SIP panels), which are high-performing thermally efficient composite panels that consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between. 

Formance Cabins are supplied as flat-packed floor and roof panels, and prenailed wall sections, making them straightforward and quick to assemble. The pre-cut panel package does not include cladding, joinery or site works. 

Our quality energy-efficient New Zealand-made Structural Insulated Panel kitset cabins are available to buy direct and are promptly delivered to you.


What are the benefits of a Formance Cabin?

Formance Panel R values are higher than batts - and the true performance is through the airtightness of the envelope and the integrity of the insulation within a panel over time will not be compromised in the same way batts are, through slumping or gaps. Airtightness also contributes to achieving the intended R-value as the performance of insulation relies on no air movement through it, air trapped within the EPS closed-cell insulation is the secret to its performance.

With increased insulation and airtightness levels the Formance system not only saves your power bill, but provides a building envelope that truly achieves the indoor climate you deserve.

"A Formance home means being able to wear t-shirts all year round. It's just consistent & comfortable" - Craig, Homeowner

Formance Cabin 2

What's included in my pre-cut panel cabin package?

Formance Cabin Kitsets include an building envelope like no other. In your pre-cut panel cabin package you will get:

  • 165mm R4.3 Formance Floor Panels (Flatpacked)
  • 115mm R2.8 Formance Wall Panels (Prenailed)
  • 165mm R4.3 Formance Roof Panels (Flatpacked)
  • Window & Door Lintels
  • Timber Splines
  • Bottom & Top Plates
  • Formance Screws, Washers & Tapes

Please note: Formance Kitset Cabins include the building envelope only.
The kitset does not include other materials such as internal frames, cladding, plasterboard, joinery, roofing etc.

You will also get:

  • Low heating and cooling costs 
  • Consistent temperature year-round
  • A sustainable and eco-friendly home
  • Strong and and durable home - with great seismic resistance 
  • A quieter living environment 
  • Healthier living