Arête Architects

Arête Architects believe in blending the planes of architecture and environment; merging the two to achieve architectural excellence.

Arête Architects will embrace your chosen environment and uncover the potential within it. Be it natural or built; micro or macro, interior or exterior, we promise to provide an architectural solution that will exist harmoniously within its context.

Arête /ə’rEt/ (French) A sharp crested ridge in rugged mountains. Borrowed from French, “ edge formed by the meeting of two planes...”

Arete /ahr-i-tey/ (Greek) The aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character. In its basic sense, means “excellence” of any kind.

Brisbane Abode Interior For Formance Sam Brown

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Arête Architects have a holistic outlook, seeking solutions, information and technologies locally, and abroad, in an effort to achieve balance between the built and non-built environments we inhabit.

We realise that every project is different, with distinct parameters and requirements, and that is why we adjust our services to meet your specific needs. As Registered Architects (NZRAB) and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) we are able to provide a professional and comprehensive architectural service. Our standard project approach follows a series of delivery stages that will see your project through from inception to completion. ‍

We love working closely with all stakeholders, through all stages of a project, to ensure that, as a team, we achieve something truly unique, responsive and responsible. That is why we have forged strong working relationships with other professional consultants and suppliers. As a team we will work together, with you, to realize the successful completion of your project.

Interior kitchen render For Formance Sam Brown

We are open to broadening our architectural scope and are always excited by the next architectural challenge.

We are striving to better understand and adapt to the extreme environmental challenges our planet delivers, and, with the changing conditions brought upon by climate change we see the adaptation and integration of our built environment as becoming ever more important.

"I chose Arête to conceptualise and plan the layout and design for The Oatery shop + kitchen in central Wellington. Sam is an innovative and talented architect who understood the importance of functionality alongside modern design. Sam has a wide knowledge on building materials and was able to direct me to cost effective and appropriate solutions" - Anna Campbell, Owner of The Oatery

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