Living comfortably for less

"A couple of things – we absolutely love our new home, it is so warm and solid.  Our power bills are approx. 40- 60% less than our last home which was a new build as well.  We always knew it would be warm but it is the overall solidness of the house that was the real surprise, our site is pretty exposed and you literally would not know if there is a storm outside.

We would never build in any other way ever again (and this is our 3rd new build so we know a few things about the process)."

- Rob from Waiheke



Get paid to live more comfortably. 

Choosing Formance for your building envelope is a wise investment. The capital outlay may be higher initially but you get paid for every day you live in the home compared to a traditional framed home. How come? Consider this. Most of us need to borrow money for a new home project. At the moment the rate for borrowing is around 4%. So you pay the bank 4% of the amount you want to borrow. If the difference between a Formance home and one built with traditional framing was $20,000 that would cost you an extra $800 per year in interest.

So what would you get for the $800?

  1. A high-performance envelope separating the inside environment from the outside for year-round comfortable living. 
  2. A laminated envelope that retains its performance for the life of the building, strong, silent and lasting forever. 
  3. Around 50% reduction in heating and cooling costs, which on a 200m2 home could be as much as $100/month or $1200 per year. 

The net result is a comfortable living environment that pays you $400 per year. How about that!

Listen to what homeowner Rob has to say

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Comparing costs - Formance vs Traditional Framing


1. The Quick Answer

In short, building with Formance SIPs is approximately 3%-5% on your build cost. To get a more accurate estimate, submit your plans to the team at Formance (see below)

2. Accurate Estimate for Plans Specified with Formance

Now you've had Formance specified on your project and you're gathering all of your build costs together you can submit your plans for a complimentary and accurate estimate. It won't be a quote because we won't have completed our Panel Layout Drawings (PLDs) but will be pretty close. 

Formance estimate