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Confused by SIPs, EPS, and GRP? This blog decodes SIP acronyms and more! We'll explore SIPs (insulated panels), delve into EPS & GRP (insulation options), and explain OSB (structural wood), PLDs (Panel Layout Drawing) and FID (Final Installation Drawing).


SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels:

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs, or SIP panels) are high-performing thermally efficient composite panels that consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between. Used as walls, roofs, and floors in residential and commercial buildings.

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EPS - Expanded Polystyrene:

Standard White EPS: A Reliable Choice

This well-established material offers a balance of affordability and proven performance. Its high R-value effectively traps air, slowing heat transfer. The more popular choice, it’s easier to recycle and is commonly used for projects where a balance of performance and cost is required. 

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GRP - Graphite Polystyrene:

Graphite Infused EPS (GRP): The Efficiency Champion

GRP incorporates graphite particles, boosting its ability to resist temperature. This translates to superior thermal performance compared to standard EPS. Due to this increased efficiency, GRP panels can be thinner than EPS while achieving the similar R-values. This allows you to maximize valuable interior space without compromising insulation. This feature is particularly crucial for clients aiming for the stringent energy standards of Passive Houses, known for their ultra-low energy consumption.

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OSB - Oriented Strand Board:

OSB is a manufactured wood material. It is not created through a standard milling process but instead through a process where wood strands are compressed into boards. The wood strands are compressed into thin sheets and held together with wax and synthetic resin adhesives. A series of these thin sheets are then further compressed and held together with adhesives to create a structural board. 

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PLD - Panel Layout Drawing:

A PLD, or panel layout drawing at Formance, is essentially a blueprint for the interior of an electrical control panel. It visually maps out the placement and arrangement of all the components within the panel, ensuring everything fits efficiently and safely. This clear plan helps our engineers ensure a functional and organized final product.


FID - Final Installation Drawing:

FID, or Final Installing Drawing, is the final instruction manual for placing your electrical control panel. It provides all the necessary details for a successful installation, including mounting points, cable connections, and required clearances within the designated space.




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