Christchurch Mid Build Open Home with Baumann

Formance and Baumann Builders are hosting a mid-build open home event in Mairehau Christchurch on Friday the 10th of May. Come along and chat with the experts in high-performance building and find out more for your project. 


Here are the details:

  • When - Friday 10th May, 1pm-3pm

  • Where - 40 Ranger Street, Mairehau Christchurch 

  • Who will be there - Team members from Baumann Builders, Formance and the designers ready to answer your questions about SIPs and high-performance building

  • Cost - Attendance is free 
  • Other info - Registration is required. You will receive a follow-up email before the event providing further information. Please respect all safety requirements and signage. 

Go here to register