North Canterbury Formance Home

We see lots of projects being built all over the country, however some are worthy of special attention. This project in North Canterbury is worthy of mention for it's speed of build thanks to Brent Chatterton and his team. 

Panels arrived first thing in the morning on Day 1 The bottom plate was already in place. Panel install was done on 2 seperate days. 

The picture below shows the part of the third wall being placed at 11.30am, Day 1.

Formance SIPs 11.30am

20 minutes later putting the second preassembled section down. 

Formance SIPs at 11.50

4pm on Day 2 and on the final stretch, putting the second half of the roof panels on.  

Formance SIPs 4pm2

The team stayed on and completed the roof later in the day. The cold weather in Canterbury isn't going to be a problem working inside this home!

Great effort Brent, Mark and the team!

Chatterton Builders are based in Rangiora and can preassemble and install panels all over Canterbury. With a specialised setup, the installation speed of preassembled panels by Chattertons is impressive. Check out what Brent can offer here: