buildnz | designex 2017 Recap

After months of planning and preparation, hours of setting up, and three exhausting days of exhibiting, the Formance team have arrived back home in Christchurch following buildnz | designex 2017.

This event is New Zealand's premier trade show for the construction and design industries, and we are immensely proud of having been a part of it. 

This blog post is a little recap of the event - we've got lots more great content lined up for you to enjoy, but for now take a look at what we've been up to:

The Brief

Formance made a splash at buildnz | designex 2015. With a further two years' experience under our belts, we knew we had to be back, bigger and better than last time!

Our expert design team were tasked with creating a display that would achieve a number of ambitious goals:

  • Demonstrate the design flexibility of Formance SIPs
  • Showcase the impressive strength of the panels
  • Offer a high degree of practical functionality, with things like a seating area for weary attendees and a bench for displaying brochures, business cards and more.
  • Able to be assembled and disassembled efficiently and safely

Here's the incredible design they came up with:


The Team

All members of the Formance team got involved in the project to help bring our planned creation to life. From designing and building the display, through to the logistics of getting everyone up there with somewhere to stay (on the same weekend the Lions were playing the All Blacks in Auckland), and on to actually interacting with attendees, everybody had an important role to play.

Here's the team enjoying a hard-earned bit of relaxation on the beach overlooking Takapuna's "Golden Mile":


The Display

As you might expect, there was a huge amount of work that went into the display in the following key phases:

  • Design (as mentioned above)
  • Building the display - in such a way that it could be packed down, shipped, and re-assembled with relative ease
  • Shipping the packed-down display to Auckland from Christchurch
  • Re-assembling it in the 48hrs prior to the show
  • Taking it all apart and re-packing within 4 hours after the show finished.

Here are some photos of the Formance display (for reference, the two vertical panels are just over 6m long):



The Outcome

Was buildnz | designex 2017 worth the massive effort? We reckon it definitely was! Interest from show attendees in a diverse range of industries and roles was impressive, with fantastic feedback and inquiry volume.

Attendees were particularly interested in receiving a copy of our new design guide, which is going to make designing and building with Formance SIPs even easier and more affordable. 

Thanks once again to everyone who took the time to stop by our display. Whether you've talked with us before, or were totally new to Formance and SIPs technology, we appreciate your time and hope to partner with you on future projects! 

If you saw us at the show and have any further questions you'd like answered, then please contact our friendly team today.