Benefits Of SIPs for Homeowners, Builders & Designers

Today we are diving deeper into the benefits of building with SIPs - from the perspective of the homeowner, designer, and builder.

Here's what SIPs bring to the table: 

Homeowner Benefits

  • Reduced energy usage - Say goodbye to sky-high power bills due to the ongoing power savings Formance panels provide. With rising energy prices, you can help safeguard against the growing cost of living. I was in Wellington recently at a couple’s home in Seatoun – they had lived in their Formance home for many months and the only time they had turned the heating system on was to check it worked!
  • High levels of comfort - Formance SIPs help create a happy, healthy, comfortable home. From greater temperature stability (and especially a warmer environment during cold winter months), reduced allergen exposure, through to lower noise pollution, our panels help create idyllic living conditions. 
  • Structural strength - SIPs are very strong, providing effective double bracing capacity to the wall. 
  • See full list of benefits for homeowners here.

Designer Benefits

  • Greater design flexibility - Once you understand the fundamentals of designing and building with SIPs, you unlock a virtually limitless world of design opportunities. Start pushing boundaries with your designs. 
  • Green building advantage - Offer your clients improved energy efficiency and air quality, resulting in better quality of life. Not only can you offer a design that looks great - it will also help your clients to live better as well! 
  • “What you draw is what you get” - An extension of design flexibility, SIPs allow you to design safe in the knowledge that what shows up on site will be what you and your client wanted. The precision of Formance SIPs make this possible. 
  • See full list of benefits for designers here.

Builder Benefits

  • Faster wall erection - this means your projects get finished faster and with less cost. 
  • More trades can work in parallel - this also helps to reduce overall build time.
  • Formance SIPs are Codemark Certified - know you’re building with a high quality and tested product.
  • See full list of benefits for builders here.

As you can see, whether you are designing, building, or living with SIPs, then there are a number of great benefits to using Formance SIP panels. And of course you’ll be the home owners hero when they move in and experience next generation living.

In the next blog post we are going to take a closer look at SIP costs, as well as the design and build process.

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