Incredible Energy Savings With Formance SIPs

A Formance client, Matt from Christchurch, recently sent us through this incredibly impressive image showing how much his energy usage has dropped since having a new work studio built on his property with our SIPs:


Instead of having to work in a cold, old building with the heat pump blazing, Matt is now enjoying a comfortable and quiet Formance-powered studio on his own property.

Here's what he has to say about the difference Formance SIPs have made: 

I moved into the Formance studio in Sep/Oct 2015. Power usage dropped dramatically even though the house grew from 110m2 to 134m2.  In the coldest months it's impossible to keep our old 100 year old bungalow warm, even though the roof is full of insulation, so the heatpumps are on all the time when family are at home.  Pre-studio build I'd have the heat pumps at 21/22 degrees to make my home office liveable, which explains the usage peak.  Now in the studio, the main house heatpumps are on 16 degrees most days while the house is empty, and you can see that consistent low use makes for a flat usage rate as the outside temperature dips.  

 Meanwhile I heat my studio with my laptop, and when cold, a small electric heater on low to keep a constant heat in the floor and walls.  Even with heating off overnight, I can start work on a frosty morning and the temperature has barely dropped inside.

Want to get similar results to Matt? Talk to us today about how Formance SIPs can help you slash your energy bills!